Credit & Collection Policies

If payment is not received by the Due Date shown on the customer’s bill, a Final Notice will be sent listing date of disconnect. If full payment is received before the shut-off date or you contact our office with a payment arrangement, services will continue uninterrupted.

However, if services are discontinued either for lack of payment or another cause such as tampering, service will be reconnected only upon customer request and only after the reason for discontinuation has been resolved.

A disconnect/reconnect fee will be required. If a service representative goes to the location with intent to disconnect the services, a $35 fee will be assessed. If the utilities are reconnected after normal office hours, an additional $100 fee will be assessed. All fees must be paid prior to reconnection.

Front door to the Customer Service Office
Any account that has been closed and has a final balance owed past the final bill due date will be turned over to an agency for collection.