Scenic Hill Solar


Clarksville Light & Water and Scenic Hill Solar have partnered to build one of Arkansas's the largest solar power plants. The selected location will approximately be 42+/- acres and be visible from I-40.

There will be approximately 20,000 panels. The plant will be designed, so the modules will track the sun from the East in the AM to the West in the PM for maximum kilowatt production during the daylight hours and especially at peak times.

Another aspect of this project is it will be designed to allow energy storage units to be connected to it when it becomes technologically and economically feasible.

The developer, Scenic Hills Solar, is investing approximately $10 million in private capital in the project in Clarksville. There is NO upfront money investment from CLW other than purchasing the land where the solar plant will be built. It will be directly connected to CLW's grid and we will buy ALL the output at a flat rate over the next 30 years. CLW will have the option to buy and own the plant after 7 years. The rate is comparable to what CLW currently pays for energy, but it lowers our demand costs and transmission expenses. This means there is a net reduction in CLW's cost to purchase power. We pass those savings to our customers and to the community.

Scenic Hill Solar

"Scenic Hill Solar provides clients clean electricity, reduced energy prices and long-term electricity price certainty by developing client specific solar energy plans. Scenic Hill Solar provides clients lower priced renewable electricity either under contract or through turnkey delivery of solar power plants, with the selection depending on our clients' specific needs."

L'Oreal Project

On April 20, 2017, Scenic Hill alongside new partners at L'Oreal, had a ribbon cutting ceremony for a solar project that has 5,000 solar panels in Florence, Kentucky & Little Rock, Arkansas.