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Clarksville Connected Utilities (CCU) is a municipally owned utility belonging to the people of Clarksville, Arkansas. The population of Clarksville was 9,381 as of the last census and has experienced consistent growth for the last few decades. The utility currently provides electric, water and wastewater services to the community of Clarksville on a retail level. In addition, CCU serves water to an additional eight (8) wholesale water systems, which means that we actually serve to a population of approximately 28,000 in the Arkansas River Valley area.

CCU is unique from a number of different aspects. It is one (1) of only fourteen (14) cities in the State of Arkansas to own an electric utility. CCU serves over 4,500 customers and has a healthy industrial load for a community of just under 10,000. CCU's energy portfolio includes a substantial percentage of renewable energy sources via hydro, solar, wind and landfill gas generation from our four (4) power suppliers. During certain conditions the energy supply for Clarksville Connected is approximately 54% renewable/non-emitting. The electric utility system has a summer peak at over 50 megawatt’s. Another aspect unique to CCU is we use Ozone as our primary disinfection method for water rather than chlorine at our sixteen (16 MGD) million gallon plant capacity. The current water plant is well positioned to increase its capacity another 8 MGD to 24 MGD in the future with a few additional upgrades to the existing plant. The final unique aspect of CCU is the utility has a an all optical fiber network capable of delivering GIG speed bandwidth IP services to both businesses and residents in the Clarksville area.

Ultimately it is our people which make the difference. Our company is made up of people who live, play and raise families here so we care about the Clarksville community. What this means is our response time to customer needs across all of our utility offerings comes with a level of customers service no big utility can match. We are made up of local people who get things done.

In 2019 the Utility Commission and the City Council have approved the rebranding of Clarksville Light & Water to the new name “Clarksville Connected Utilities” and the use of a new logo image. The move​ reflects our efforts to show the forward looking nature of the utility along with our community doing innovative things with renewable energy, fiber optics, and other utility resources to prepare for the future.

Clarksville Connected Utilities